Planning A Home Birth? 4 Reasons You Should Still See An Obstetrician

If you're planning to have a home birth, you might not think you need to see an obstetrician. But, even with a home birth, it's still a good idea to include obstetrical care. You might think that you can't have a midwife once you see an obstetrician. Luckily, that's not the case. Many obstetricians offer midwife services for their patients who prefer a home birth. If you've decided to go without obstetrical care for your pregnancy, read the list provided below.

Ways to Manage Your Vertigo Symptoms

As a condition that can leave you feeling uncomfortable, vertigo can arise for lots of reasons. While you're in the pursuit of vertigo treatment, you may find that you have occasional attacks that require self-management. Here are some ways you can manage your symptoms for a comfier life. Sit in a Dark Room When those spinning sensations hit and you start to feel queasy, you may want to sit in a dark room.