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Burial of a Loved One: 4 Options

Dealing with death is never easy. If there has been a death in the family and the deceased did not leave any instructions about how they wished their body to be disposed of, you will have to make that decision on their behalf. While there are a number of factors which may influence this decision, such as family traditions, the deceased religious beliefs. Below is a guide to some of the options you have when it comes to laying a loved one to rest.

Cemetery burial

This is the most common form of burial. It involves the purchase of a plot of land in a public cemetery. If the family already have a plot which has been paid for, the deeds should allow you to easily arrange the funeral of the deceased.

Green burial

If the deceased was a person who cared about the natural environment, you might wish to consider a green burial. A green burial involves reducing the impact of the funeral on the environment by forgoing a wooden coffin for a simple shroud. You may also wish to plant a sapling in the area of ground under which the deceased is buried.

Burial at sea

If the dead person was a lover of the sea, you might wish to bury them at out at sea. However, it is important that you have the proper permits before going ahead with a burial at sea. There are various regulations about the location and depth of water at which burials must take place. You will need to charter a special boat which is capable of carrying a body and lowering it into the water. The body will be wrapped in a sheet and weighted down before being dropped into the ocean where it will slowly decompose.


Cremation has a long history, with ancient cultures using it as a way of disposing of a body. Modern crematoriums have a chapel attached so a service can be held before the body is placed inside a furnace which burns the body and reduces it to a fine ash. These ashes will be given to you after the cremation so that they can be kept in an urn, scattered at an important location or turn into a diamond. 

If you would like further advice about your options when it comes to the different types of burial available to you, you should contact a professional funeral service, such as Caring Funerals, today.