Living With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Why You Should Undergo Pre-Employment Medicals

Some prospective employees may have a negative attitude towards pre-employment medicals because they look at them as an inconvenience. Such people may not know how those medicals can be of benefit to them. This article discusses why each employee should embrace these medicals.

Protects You From Safety Risks

Some people may have medical conditions that can put their safety at risk if they are given certain jobs. For example, a person who has epilepsy may die in case he or she is suddenly incapacitated when working at height. The pre-employment medical test can prompt the examining officer to advise the employer to place you in another position where you will not face a safety risk in case you get an attack.

Advice on Condition Management

Having a pre-existing medical condition doesn't necessarily stop you from performing certain tasks. The pre-employment medical offers an avenue for you to receive helpful advice about how you can keep any medical condition discovered under control so that you can live without any problems. This invaluable information helps you beyond the workplace. For instance, someone found to have diabetes can be advised about how to prevent blood-sugar spikes. Such a person can end up living longer without depending on medications.

Monitoring the Effect of Workplace Risks

Pre-employment tests also provide a baseline for assessing how you are being affected by any workplace risks to which you are exposed. This ongoing monitoring can help your employers to offer you better personal protective equipment in case periodic medicals reveal that you are being affected by the risks at the workplace. This proactive approach can protect your health and life.

Evidence During Litigation

Some insurance companies may want to reduce how much they pay you after you file a workers' compensation claim. Such firms may suggest that you had the condition long before you took up that job. The results from the pre-employment medical can support your claim that you only developed the condition after taking on that job. In this way, the court is likely to rule in your favour because you will have presented evidence that you were fine before you were exposed to those risks at work.

As you can see, pre-employment medicals don't only serve the interests of employers. They also have massive benefits for the employees who undergo them. You should therefore welcome every opportunity that is offered to you to undergo that examination so that you can enjoy the benefits in the discussion above.