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Reasons to Use Medical Imaging Services When Pregnant

While there was once a time when pregnant women could only see their babies through 2D ultrasounds, today 3D and 4D scans are available. Although many obstetricians won't request them as standard, they're safe enough for pregnant women to use outside of their usual maternity care plans. If you're unsure as to whether you want one of these ultrasounds, it's worth exploring some of the reasons women choose them.

Gender scans

Finding out your baby's gender is optional, and many couples feel as though it's an exciting part of attending ultrasound scans. Although there's no 100 per cent guarantee that the sonography technician will reveal the correct gender, using an additional scan often means you'll benefit from a longer appointment. As a result, they'll have more time to position you for accurate results. It's possible to detect a baby's gender using medical imaging services from around 16 weeks onwards.

Reassurance of the baby's growth

Pregnancy is often an exciting time for couples, but it can leave some parents feeling nervous. Although you'll attend scans throughout your pregnancy to measure growth, you can use private scanning services to monitor your baby's progress between your usual appointments. Some expectant mothers find this particularly reassuring when they've had negative experiences with previous pregnancies. In addition to monitoring your baby's development, a growth scan will usually look at your amniotic fluid levels and placenta positioning. You may find that learning more about these aspects of your pregnancy is empowering.

Taking a peek into your baby's world

Seeing inside your baby's world and observing how they interact with it is often a fascinating and heartwarming experience. With a 3D or 4D scan, you can look at your baby's features, watch them moving and see their heartbeat. Such scans are also an excellent chance to grab pictures to share with friends and family members, and many facilities now offer video recordings too. Whether you choose to keep them as a personal memento or share with others during a gender reveal party, they'll be reminders of memories that you can treasure forever.

Finally, using a medical imaging service is an excellent way to ensure both parents have the chance to attend an ultrasound scan. With work obligations clashing or other responsibilities, it's not unusual for couples to find that they can't both attend these exciting appointments. Using a specialist service gives you the chance to share the magic together at a time that suits you, as appointments are often more flexible.